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Uranus in Eleventh House in Vedic Astrology

When Uranus is in Eleventh House some very strange and rather uncommon friendships are displayed. The native continually experiences the sudden gain or loss of friends throughout his life. These sudden and unexpected occurrences concerning his friendships can cause the native a tremendous amount of grief. He must learn to accept that this is part of life and nothing can change it. There are indications that some of the friends are directly associated with scientific, astrological and occult matters and they can assist the native in the strengthening of personal desires. Uranus, here, implies unexpected realizations of personal hopes and wishes, yet it also indicates severe and sudden disappointments. Uranus in the eleventh house gives strong progressive idealism and unconventional friends. When Uranus is retrograde in eleventh house there are original ideas and thoughts, unbounded by social norms and tradition. Person should learn to respect other’s individuality. There is a strong rebel against limitations and a deep insight into reality and heightened consciousness.