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Saturn in Eighth House in Vedic Astrology

When Saturn is in the Eighth House it is not in a good position concerning the health of the native. Saturn here will undoubtedly prolong the conditions of illness previous to death, thereby increasing the suffering. It indicates chronic ailments and yet the native will have an undying grip on life. With some natives of this position senility will occur at a relatively early age. As far as legacy prospects and inheritance are concerned, it is not a helpful influence at all. Sometimes some form of inheritance can occur, but it undoubtedly will be combined with obligations and responsibilities that can almost nullify the benefit being derived. Worry and fear can sometimes occur through the viciousness of the marriage or business partner. Although the partner possesses the capacity to efficiently handle financial affairs, he tends not to share any of the benefit derived. Saturn in the eighth house causes often hard and violent death and lack of financial support from others. When Saturn is retrograde in eighth house sexual limitations bordering with impotency can occur. Positively, there can be talent for work and business, because person understands what is important to others materially and is practical.