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Pluto in Twelfth House in Vedic Astrology

Pluto in the Twelfth House is unsettling position bringing a danger of intrigue and subtle enmity. The native will find people doing things in the background causing mischief, and it is difficult for one to pinpoint the individual who is causing the trouble. It is also a position creating trouble for the native through anonymous letters. When Pluto is in the Twelfth House there is a tendency for the native to do things which have a boomerang effect. This will many times lead to sorrow and therefore, the native should carefully plan ahead so as to avoid this. Usually this will be a direct result of the native having to give way to the demands of others who are using him for their own interest. Pluto in the twelfth house provides creative relationship with social subconscious, if afflicted, victim of collective subconscious or its creator. Pluto retrograde in twelfth house makes the person introspective. He feels social limitation but can liberate from them if he wants. Often there is long period of loneliness. Person tries to find spiritual sense of existence and in this process he will throw away everything which is not important.