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Pluto in Ninth House in Vedic Astrology

With Pluto in the Ninth House there is an early attraction in life towards one of the more orthodox forms of religion. Depending on aspects, Pluto can either indicate a considerable amount of long distance travel or a basic denial of it. The native is very attracted to travel of an unusual nature. Depending directly, once again, on the aspects, Pluto can either enhance the probability of successful marital or business relationships or it can destroy them. Pluto here also indicates that the native has the inherent power to eliminate existing conditions and then replace them with ones of an entirely different character. Pluto in the ninth house can indicates dogmatism in religion, but possible deep penetration into metaphysics essence. When Pluto is retrograde in ninth house there is an aptness to consciousness projections. Personal consciousness is not tied too much too body. Thoughts are related more to universe than to person itself. There can be rebellion against limitations but also deep spirituality.