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Pluto in Eighth House in Vedic Astrology

Pluto in the Eighth House is associated with deaths in which there is a previous disappearance, isolation or confinement. The native will often drop out of ordinary life or contact with other people previous to his death actually occurring. There is some indication that the native may be involved in a natural disaster of some sort. It is not a very helpful position for prospects of gain through legacy or inheritance. The marriage or business partner will more than likely complicate the financial position of the native's life. Once again, it would be wise for the native to avoid business partnerships or, at least use discretion in the choice of a partner. Pluto in the eighth house gives aptness to mysticism and magic and sometimes big inheritance. When Pluto is retrograde in eighth house constant questioning of other’s values are required. There is a desire to understand the deepest secrets. Strong sexuality or obsession with it can occur. There is often a strong tie with collective consciousness.