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Mercury in Twelfth House in Vedic Astrology

Mercury in the Twelfth House denotes that the native has a subtle mind. He loves to take risks and adores dangerous adventures of a secret nature. If Mercury is well aspected here the native has a distinct ability to study occult related subjects. He is also well equipped to investigate mysteries or follow unusual modes of thought. This position of Mercury intensifies the native's power, of imagination and it indicates that with proper training constructive visualization can be developed. There is a tendency for the native of this House position of Mercury to create enemies through a rash personal criticism of others by speech or writing. Sometimes the mental stress caused by such aggravation can disturb the basic intellectual balance of the native. He must be very careful here. Mercury in the twelfth house often gives working place in educational institution and regarding health sometimes neurological problems. When Mercury is retrograde in twelfth house it is spiritual placement, person is turned inside and there is mystical affinity. There is possible talent for music and metaphysics.