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Mercury in Eighth House in Vedic Astrology

The Mercury in Eighth House indicates that the nervous system and or the respiratory system will be affected at the time of death. There is an indication that sometimes the death will be associated with or caused by travel. Invariably, this position of Mercury will bring the native into contact with the conditions associated with the death of other people. The native may hold a position where he is associated with funeral homes, wills, cemeteries, etc. Depending on aspects, this closeness to death will affect the mental outlook. When Mercury is posited in the Eighth House the native can help to alleviate any mental pressure through the practice of hypnotism, as he has a latent talent for this subject. There can be possible financial gain or loss through contracts, bonds or inheritance from far relatives. When Mercury is retrograde in eighth house the person thinks through its regeneration towards higher state of consciousness, has deep thoughts and penetrative mind but needs to question his attitudes toward metaphysic and religious matter.