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Mars in Twelfth House in Vedic Astrology

Mars in the Twelfth House denotes that the native's life is replete with many strange and unfortunate adventures. When confronted with a situation like this, if the native should act more out of impulse than reason, grave dangers to his health and mind are indicated. The native of this position is liable to false imprisonment, treachery through misplaced affections, and injuries from enemies. In some cases, this position of Mars denotes poverty and a life long difficulty with finances. This position of Mars also indicates that in time of war, if the native is involved, he will more than likely find himself taken as a prisoner. Mars In the twelfth house denotes difficult to express physical energy, secret enemies and often dangerous situation. There is strong influence on subconscious. Mars retrograde in twelfth house demands constructive use of energy, person feels bonded by external circumstances and internal feelings. Must understand the value to forgive and forget.