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Mars in Sixth House in Vedic Astrology

When Mars is in the Sixth House it exercises an exciting influence that may not be too good for health. It can show a liability to fevers, accidents, and danger associated with the work that is done. Although the position affords the native the capacity to work hard and is good for mechanical and kindred activities, it brings discord and friction. He will derive some degree of benefit through the masculine influence and the cooperation of men. Some financial loss is indicated by ill health or accident. It is not a good position for servants or employees, as it brings arguments and disputes with them, and at times, a degree of rebellion actually occurs. Mars in the sixth house provides with lots of energy but possible health problems, invalidity or risks on work. When Mars is retrograde in sixth house it is necessary to be cautious about health, working place or relationship to superior/inferior. Person wants perfection in action and is overcritical. It is most important to be tender to self and others.