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Mars in Ninth House in Vedic Astrology

Mars in the Ninth House indicates an intense attraction to adventurous travel, it also implies that there is a certain amount of danger involved as a result of such travel and risks should be weighed. It signifies that the native has a strong militant view concerning religious affairs. He is always ready to fight for his own religious concepts. The position signifies a liability towards friction with the relatives of the marriage of business partner. This occurs mostly with members of the male sex. When Mars is in the Ninth House the native should exercise discretion in all matters concerning the legal side of life. Despite any provocation, personal feelings should not be permitted to influence decisions and the native should always avoid extremes. Mars in the ninth house signifies going abroad, possible rigid attitudes to philosophy and religion, fanaticism and possible successful career in higher education. When Mars is retrograde in ninth house there is a great need for freedom, which in highest sense relates to freedom from lower mind. In some person it is strong religious quest, maybe fanatic. Desires must be put in context of higher mind and personality must be united. Then person can be faithful to himself.