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Mars in Fifth House in Vedic Astrology

When Mars is in the Fifth House it intensifies the inclination towards opposite sex. The passionate side of the nature will not be easy to keep under control. The position can be productive of some trouble and difficulty showing sudden attachments, discords and breaks. Sometimes it indicates the birth of children out of wedlock. It favors the birth of male children who will sometimes cause problems. Mars here is favorable for the pursuit of sculpture. There is an indication that the native will have a strong attraction to gambling and if he is not careful this will cause him many problems in life. There is a tendency to speculate in investments and careful analysis should be made in this area. Mars in the fifth house gives strong sexuality, problems with children and interests in sports. When Mars is retrograde in fifth house problems with expression of creativity and sexuality can occur. Person evaluates everything he has created, to find out what is really good. Person has to transcend feeling of superiority.