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Cancer and Leo Compatibility Horoscope

Cancer Man and Leo Woman -- She wear the trousers!

Although he loves romantic games, he is soon worn down by the reality of her emotions. He will call her twelve times a day, but she's always busy. On the first call he is extremely interested, but the sixth he is morosely impassioned, and by the ninth he has abandoned all control. His histrionics are indecently excessive, even for her sensibilities; at his most dramatic he is dark and brooding. When his senses are unsatisfied, he melts into melancholia and defiance. He tries to get her attention by not speaking or calling. With relief, she surmises that he's finally found some self-respect. At last, when he finds that he can no longer stand it, his fingers find their way to the telephone. Assuming a cold, aloof manner, he invites her to the south of France for the weekend. She tells him that she has to wash her hair. What he doesn't realize is that, even if her love life is nonexistent, she won't persuade herself to consider him.

Cancer Woman and Leo Man -- Tender and kind!

It might seem to him that she wants his soul on a silver platter. She does. When it comes to love, she is a conspicuous consumer. She craves all his attention, affection, fantasies, thoughts and dreams. When she doesn't get her way, she gets weepy. At first, this is effective, but after a few similar performances, this man begins to cool off. Her dependence will flatter him, but her demands will make him feel claustrophobic. On the first date, she'll ask where he stands on their future. If he manages to get a second date, she will ask him if he prefers a wedding in June or December. Sometimes she'll be his mother, at other times his little girl. It's very hard for her just to be a lover, because she never feels that much at ease with her own emotions. His challenge is treating her like a woman and letting her believe it. But that takes a very selfless kind of loving, and it's not clear whether Mr. Leo can do it.